Accounting – Management

With in-depth knowledge of small and medium-sized enterprises and industries,
ACSO CONSEILS guides companies through every step of their lifecycle:
from creation, throughout their development, transformation,
the creation of new entities, and ultimately their succession
We work very closely with the management team,  
advising them on accounting, tax, social and asset-related issues:
• Accounting, administrative, financial, social and tax assessment
• Complete or shared book-keeping
• Auditing
• Preparation of interim, annual and consolidated accounts
Implementation and monitoring of management tools
(reports, dashboards, operational and cash flow forecasts,
budget process, etc.)
• Preparation of all your professional and personal tax returns



Most of our clients entrust us with the preparation of their payroll
and seek our advice on social matters.
• Outsourced payroll processing or assisted payroll.
• Dedicated teams specialising in payroll and labour law.
• Guaranteed compliance with rules
(legislative changes).
• A comprehensive approach: from social advice to social audit.

The guarantee of dedicated teams in a constantly changing domain
allows us to provide our clients with a complete service.



For major decisions, ACSO CONSEILS guides SMEs in making
the best possible legal choices to optimise their situation.
In addition to assisting our clients in legal matters, we have
the expertise to provide directors and partners with
the support they need to decide on the feasibility of a project:
• development, 
• external growth
• sale/succession




Thanks to our technical expertise,
audit teams are backed by the relevant experts
when addressing sensitive or cross-sectional issues
within their remit (notably in social, tax and legal matters)
• Our knowledge of the challenges and specific features
of SMEs
means we can provide, as part of the statutory audit,
a personalised service adapted to the clients we are dealing with.
We are able to adapt our approach and customise
with a view to enhancing the pragmatism of our actions.
For every client, a partner guarantees the availability,
continuity and quality of services, compliance with budgets
and the use of the best possible resources


Business acquisition / Sale

Acquisition due diligence
identification of the internal and external risks associated
with the target, confirmation of the enterprise’s pricing and key
success factors, anticipation of implementation difficulties.
We analyse the target company’s historical and projected performance,
quality of assets and liabilities as well as ability to generate cash.
• Vendor Due Diligence – Assessment of the assets transferred
to provide potential buyers and investors with objective and
in-depth financial information.
Growth capital operations, our range of services allows us
to formulate an assessment and make recommendations
in a stipulated timeframe for a reasonable fee.


Asset management

We assist directors with the overall management of their personal and professional assets
Audit of assets
Personal tax optimisation
Protection of people and property
Asset strategy recommendations
Optimisation of current and future income
Organisation of the transfer of assets (matrimonial property regime, gifts, inheritance)
Retirement organisation and assistance
Assistance in asset evaluation and management